Monday 9 August 2010

Webinar for insomnia sufferers with Crohn's Disease

Oh dear, it appears that I haven't explained myself very well. I have successfully treated insomnia without medication for many years - using a variety of processes which are tailored to fit individual's needs. The new challenge I will be addressing on the webinar is to treat insomnia caused or exacerbated by medication. In summary, insomnia which is caused by medication presents more of a challenge however, people with Crohn's that have insomnia unrelated to their medication are welcome to attend. This new intervention will be a more intensive version of the original suite and will introduce some new processes that are highly effective face to face but have not previously been attempted over webinar. It will prove very interesting. As a reminder, if you want to attend this webinar in principle, please leave a comment under the meds related insomnia post and also email me at Sleep is a comment away. Joy x

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