Tuesday 25 October 2011

Crohn's genes point to internalised stress mechanism?

OK! I might as well come out with it - remember you heard it here first!
I always look for common links between conditions and I wonder whether the presence of more than one autoimmune condition has more to do with a predisposition to autoimmune conditions.
In any event, my experience of helping people with Crohn's, and U.C. has convinced me that the genetic markers for these diseases point to two predispositions:-
1)  A sensitivity to certain types of stress and
2) A predisposition to internalise stress in their body in a way that knocks the immune system out of alignment.
I am so convinced by this that I have designed a special program to teach people how to reverse this process and so far this has proved highly successful. Everyone "does" stress differently and in learning how to deal with stress it's essential that they learn just how they are translating life's encounters into damage to their body.
The BUDI (TM) program teaches people specific ways of recognising how they are internalising stress and shows them how to deal effectively with events, situations and people in their lives rather than repeat historic patterns that can literally eat them up inside. In this way they not only reduce their sensitivity to stress but also prevent much of their former stress arising. This of course enriches their experience of life through enhancing their outcomes in all respects as well as through reducing their symptoms. As you can imagine, this makes me very happy!
If you have an autoimmune condition and you want to learn more about the principles behind the BUDI program then you may be interested in the upcoming webinar I am releasing shortly. You are welcome to private message me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/crohns.helper or email me at crohnswebinar@workingwithjoy.com with your email, giving me a brief summary of the reason for your interest in the webinar and to be notified when it is announced.
Places will be very limited and so please only apply if you have an autoimmune condition. - Joy

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