Friday 25 May 2012

My interview with amazing bowel transplant recipient

First, the bad news: I was hoping that today's post would include the video of an amazing no-holds-barred interview I held on Monday with the wonderfully courageous recipient of a bowel transplant, relaying his experience of Crohn's since the age of twelve and his journey through parenteral line feeding to his transplant in November 2011 and a return to eating last week!
We recorded the interview over Skype last Monday - and it was absolutely fascinating. Unfortunately, the recording gremlins were at work and the file was corrupted and not even an entire day spent on transatlantic communication with the techie gurus at the recording software company could retrieve the file.
Now the good news: Undaunted, Michael has very generously agreed to a repeat performance late next week and it promises to be even better, as last week was the first time we had spoken and this time we can hopefully cover more ground. Of course I will be looking at the amazing mind-body interaction aspect of the transplant as you would expect, and I can't wait! Watch this space! - Joy

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