Tuesday 8 November 2011

Reduce the pain of your humira / adalimumab injections!

This is for people with Crohn's who would like help with their Humira injections. Please read this a couple of times first to become familiar with it before starting.
  1. Get into a comfortable position, shut your eyes and allow your body to relax completely from head to toe. Breathe deeply and slowly
  2. When you are completely relaxed, open your eyes and imagine that your first 2 fingers of the opposite hand to the one that holds the syringe are anaesthetic fingers. 
  3. Slowly and firmly run your fingers in small circles rhythmically over the area you are going to inject. Each small circle should take 2 seconds to complete. 
  4. As you do this, watch your fingers and feel the area under your fingers becoming totally numb to a deep level. 
  5. Notice the colour of the skin under your fingers change as the sensation disappears. 
  6. Breathe in for two circles, and breathe out for two circles and continue to repeat. The more rhythmic are your circles, the less you can feel. 
  7. When you are happy that it’s numb to a deep enough level, keep your fingers still, slightly apart, pressing firmly on the area and keeping your gaze completely focused on your fingers. For as long as you maintain your gaze on your fingers, the anaesthetic effect will last. 
  8. Continue to breathe in the same rhythm – (in for 4 seconds and out for 4 seconds) and noticing how the numbness deepens. 
  9. Still keeping your gaze completely fixed on your fingers, notice the patterns on the knuckles nearest your nails, and using only your peripheral vision, take your syringe and position the tip between your fingers. 
  10. In one complete, relaxed out breath, notice the pressure of the syringe increasing to match the pressure of your fingers and watch how the rest of the sequence happens as though automatically by itself, and be amazed at how easily and effortlessly it is completed, almost without your noticing.
  11. When everything is complete, as the numbness wears off, you’ll feel the glow of elation and satisfaction.

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