Wednesday 5 May 2010

Now that I have something valuable to say.......

Friends, colleagues and Crohnies, lend me your guts! I have finally allowed myself to join the Bloggerati: such is my desire to share with you the blow by blow (yes there will be many inexcusable puns and jokes in appalling taste - note the title for example) excitement of my new neuro-gastroenterological research project.

Why the excitement?

I am sooooo excited about this new project because it is the culmination of my many years work designing and delivering behaviour change programmes. Over the years my programmes have been proven to bring about rapid change by helping people understand how they (and others) tick. Dramatic results have been achieved where previous interventions had failed. One of the most dramatic successes is in IBD – Crohn’s and Colitis - considered to be incurable.

The new project is a trial to quantify formally the effectiveness of this one to one programme in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of IBD.

In the next two weeks I’m discussing my research with one of the world’s leading Professors of Clinical Neurogastroenterology with a view to carrying out this research under his supervision. So I think you get an idea of how important this is.

My aim in sharing this blog with you is to spread the word about harnessing brain-gut communication. Some of you may be even interested in taking part in my research. The bottom line (ahem) is – I want Crohnies and UC’ers to be able to manage their bodies and live without limit!

Whenever I start work with new clients I ask them what would constitute success for them. Time and again I hear how liberating it would be if they could live without the stress of having to plan their entire existence around the location and availability of toilets. Older people tend to be less ambitious as, over the years, they have increasingly persuaded themselves to restrict their life within "safe" parameters. More or less everyone says they’d be euphoric just to go out to dinner without half their mind being on whether they were going to make it to the toilet or having to work out how to disappear from the restaurant in embarrassment without being seen. They want the choice of travelling to work more than ten minutes from home or to fly on a plane. They want to wake up in the morning relaxed and refreshed instead of being jolted awake by an urgent message from their guts and a brain screaming RUUUN! praying that the bathroom is clear.

When I hear wish lists like that, and I know the results I can achieve, how can I not do everything in my power to help Crohnies? When I know they can achieve all that and more, the thought of helping Crohnies everywhere achieve their wish list ignites my passion.

If you are a Crohnie or have IBD and are interested in finding out more about taking part in this research, please email me at and I’ll send you more details. Please only apply if you are serious about addressing your IBD. If you'd like to have a look at the other work I do, you can view some brief case histories at Please note that there is a strict limit to the number of participants as this is a one to one programme, so if you want to be on the programme, to be fair, priority will be given to the earliest responders, so do take action and email now if you want to be considered!

Essentially the programme will comprise unique state of the art behavioural tools and techniques developed for living life at a higher level. Be prepared to push the boundaries and also to have some fun. Selected participants will receive the programme on a one to one basis via Skype or MSN or webinar. Of course all participants' information will be absolutely anonymous and rigorous research ethics with be upheld at all times.

The start date for the programme is expected to be in about three months time, which means August 2010, so if you are interested, best get cracking and express your interest.

I am so thrilled. I’ll let you know what happens as the events and meetings occur, so keep checking in and you can share the excitement!!! What are you waiting for? I'm looking forward to hearing from you now!  BBFN : ) - J

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