Monday 31 May 2010

A Chronies & Collies Grand Day Out! Summer 2010

For some time now I have been very excited about planning this day out and now I'm very close to launching it. This is a special day for Crohnies and Collies and it will be truly a day to remember. I am sure it will such an overwhelming success that it will become an annual event.
This day will be very different  from anything else I've seen - it will be a fun, entertaining, hugely valuable, informative event FOR PEOPLE WITH IBD to get together and spend a day of freedom amongst people facing the same challenges they face.
There will be.....
  • Inspiring talks from high profile figures with IBD telling us how they dealt with obstacles in their high pressure lives to achieve so much.  - (You will be truly amazed!!!!).
  • Highly successful people will share their secrets of how they overcame their IBD to make a full recovery - and go on to fulfil their dreams
  • Breakout discussion groups where everyone gets to share their experience of various challenges and come up with great ideas to make life better.
  • Massive group dance participation - yes, you will enjoy it - even if you can't dance a step!!
  • Networking - "bag a buddy" - become an IBD buddy and establish contact with your very own inspritational IBD buddy.
  • Tuition in whacky valuable processes to get your symptoms under control, including insomnia, panic attacks and instant pain relief. 
  • Learn to interpret your dreams - your mind's way of telling you what you need to do!!
  • Book signings
  • A chance to win a state of the art 121 behaviour change programme.
  • And..... if we're lucky.... we'll have a solo performed live by our mystery international rockstar guest!! I can hardly wait!!
But wait.... before this can go ahead I need to know that our special guests will be performing to a big audience of Crohnies and Collies... - so you need to TELL ME NOW that it floats you boat AND that you will be able to attend this ALL DAY EVENT!!
email me on and tell me "Yes Joy - please put on this GDO (Grand Day Out) for me".
Remember 1. This is ONLY for Crohnies and Collies or their carers.
Remember 2. To make it happen I need to know that there are enough people interested .
Together we can make this happen!
I look forward to hearing from you very soon!!!!
Kindest regards,

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