Thursday 15 July 2010

The Dreams We Remember Are Our Mind's Way of Telling Us To TAKE ACTION!

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Sorry for the long absence, but as well as being buried in pre-pilot preparation, the research requires that I don't talk about the study until it's complete and the jury's delivered their verdict. However, I can write about this......
I was just reading replies to my post about "Crohnies and meds related insomnia" and the subject of "NIGHTMARES" prompted me to post a reply. I found I got carried away as usual and went on for pages, but it seems to have resonated with many people - with and without Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, so I thought this might interest you. You see, dream analysis is something that I find really valuable. As a very skeptical individual, I can tell you that dream analysis, done properly is a very pragmatic tool for discovering what you are bothered about and what assumptions you are making about your options. After all, dreams are created by our own mind. Here is a quick overview:

Our dreams are a rich resource for revealing our view of the world in a far simpler and more direct way than most people imagine - and this can be enormously helpful in finding out what will make us happier. Dreams are the mind's way of communicating its interpretation of current situations to us. They are usually a call for us to take action, "Do something to make this situation different". In the case of the [bad dreams described on the discussion thread - ], there are extreme physical and emotional sensations being experienced with Crohn's and the mind is responding by calling for action to alleviate them.

In the case of the dreams experienced by people with Crohn's who are in physical pain and feeling bloated, the interpretation of dreams of being preganant, being in labour and undergoing a caesarian operation without anaesthesia is quite straight forward - I've even been told by men that they've dreamt about being pregnant and of having caesarian operations without anaesthesia, waking in screaming agony. The mind is calling out to its owner to find a means to end this pain - and it's offering you suggestions - it want soemething equivalent to an operation or giving birth, i.e. ".....after the operation / the birth the pain will stop. It's telling you, "Do something, to bring this pain to an end".

Dreams associated with emotional pain as well as physical pain are sending just as clear messages but are less direct and so need a little more interpretation: Whilst I don't hold with the view that dreaming of particular OBJECTS per se is significant, dreaming of particular EVENTS assoicated with particular emotions is:

Dreaming of teeth falling out is usually associated with people who are experiencing a fundamental fear associated with a lack of control over and a lack of trust in their body. This  lack of trust can extend to fear of the world in general, a overall sense of powerlessness, a desire to hide something and a fear of embarrassment. Having read this you may not be surprised to know that dreaming of teeth falling out is quite common in Crohn's sufferers: when you think about the effect of Crohn's symptoms it makes perfect sense. Many Crohn's sufferers understandably feel like victims to the condition in many ways.

I could go on, if you find it useful. Maybe I should add a part on dreams to the webinar on insomnia - perhaps it would be useful to some of you to learn how to make use of your dreams - not just how to interpret  your mind's response to your condition but also to understand how your mind wants you to alleviate your situation? Would this be useful to you? and then we could go on talk about how to use this knowledge to challenge and overcome some of your fears associated with your condition? We could maybe make it interactive with a few people - I think 8 is the limit for participants). Just let me know guys and then I'll know what to do!
Hope this helps!


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  1. This is amazing...I've had dreams with my teeth falling out for many years of my life.....I am 23 years old and I consider myself recovering from Crohn's Disease...I was on Methotrexate and Prednisone and have managed to get myself off the drugs and just eat REAL's been a loooong process because I had to start eating like a baby again but it's worked for me. I've read many books such as The Gerson Therapy, The China Study, Fit For Life, Breaking The Vicious Cycle,The PH Solution, The Makers Diet, etc...and also watched videos including The Beautiful Truth, Food Matters, Healing Cancer from the Inside Out, Dying to Have Known, John McDougall on the Perils of Dairy ( all of his other videos ) videos with Charlotte Gerson talking, Monsanto ( that's a freaky movie but good to know because I do not want to support death) more meat and dairy for me and non pesticide herbicide, packaged and additive/preservative food and I am doing amazingly well. I used to be a chronic sniffer too like a crack addict ( pretty much was....I was hooked on cheese....has the same dopamine effects in body etc ) I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 13 years old and it's taken me a long time to un brainwash my self and realize that this was a disease that was creeping up on me slowly. I am no longer clogged up by fake food and animal products. Anyways.....thanks for the post here and I hope you keep helping people understand more and more about their illnesses. Thanks.....Allison.


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