Friday 30 July 2010

Your gut feeling - Guy Cohen's inspirational journey

I just reviewed Guy's inspiring and very accessible book about his journey of courage and determination to be free from the symptoms of IBD - Ulcerative Colitis. I met Guy when he was speaking at a completely unrelated event. We had a chat afterwards and it was very clear to me that he really does walk his talk. He is such a positive man and so likeable, down to earth, bounding with energy and hugely entertaining. I hope in the future that he will be able to speak at one of our Crohnies and Collies events as he is an excellent role model and we share many beliefs about the mind's effect on the body: Many of these same philiosophies are cornerstones of my body neuro-feedback system. Below is a link to the book on Amazon UK where you can also read my fuller review and buy his book. It is also available at Amazon US. I really recommend you read Guy's book. It may make you think differently about the relationship you have with your body and the one that you could have.

(In his book, Guy talks about the people with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis that he has helped and finds that the same approach is effective equally for both conditions.)

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