Wednesday 28 July 2010

Enlightenment, but not as you know it! (Do you find this funny?)

I was reminded today of an incident that always makes me laugh out loud. I guess I have a pretty strange sense of humour and today you get to judge for yourself.  This story tends to elicit either a raucous guffaw or a blank expression searching for some kind of indication as to which planet I'm from, and kindly enquiries as to my welfare; (sigh - I think you need to have trodden much of the same path as me.....)

OK here goes: I was looking through the glass doors of my book case for a particular book to lend a friend . Spotting it, I rapidly opened the door. As I was doing so I must have dislodged a large heavy lever arch file that must have been on the shelf above, resting on the top of the door. BANG! I felt a blow to the bridge of my nose (no pun intended) and not comprehending quite what had happened, I saw a widening pool of blood forming on the floor from the stream running off my face. Dazed, I looked at the book in my hand. It was Douglas Harding's description of the route to enlightenment through realising that we are not our bodies and we have no head. It is entitled, "On having no head".

That's the joke. There isn't any more. I guess you have to imagine it and realise, as I realised, that I obviously still have mine. :-) Oh well.... Comments welcome, (from whichever planet you're on!).


A little light relief from IBD - Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis!

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