Friday 9 March 2012

Crohn's Case Study: Day 14 of the BUDI(TM) Program

Here is a very special CASE HISTORY VIDEO (to make up for the late arrival of the long awaited webinar): DAY 14 of BUDI PROGRAM: RESULTS INTERVIEW Part 1.
Many thanks to Sam who has given her kind permission to share her case history to help others.
This is an interview between me, Joy Ainley (designer of the BUDI (TM) program and Sam (who had severe and rapidly worsening Crohn's Disease symptoms). The interview takes place over Skype on Day 14 following the start of the 8 week BUDI program compressed into 10 days. Usually, candidates are given assignments to complete between weekly sessions which comprise incorporating new skills into everyday life. The unusually compressed nature of this program reflected the urgent need to achieve rapid results in the hope of Sam being able to avoid Remicade infusions and their potential side effects. 

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